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Volunteer FAQs

Companion FAQs

You are required to attend a training session prior to camp. This will either be a day or weekend-long session, depending on the region. You are expected to attend the full period of camp. Companions are encouraged to spend some time prior to camp getting to know their camper and their family. Keeping in touch with your camper after camp is also encouraged.
There may be other fundraising events during the year that you can assist with.

To be eligible to be selected to go on Camp in January, you must have attended one of our training days/weekends during the previous year. These are fun, informative sessions which cover a wide range of topics including health and safety, your responsibilities as a volunteer, what you can expect during Camp, and tips for dealing with common issues with campers.

There are variations between regions, but the general process is:

  1. Register as a volunteer online
  2. Submit an application for a camp
  3. Attend a training weekend/day
  4. If you are selected to attend camp, receive information about your camper and contact your camper and their family
  5. Attend camp

As our campers come from a variety of backgrounds and have different energy levels and interests, we look for a similar variety in our Companions. At the core of what we’re looking for is a passion for helping kids and a sense of fun.

This may be possible if there are spaces available at the training you want to attend. However companions who are attending camp in the same region as the training session may take priority.

This may be possible depending on the camp dates and numbers of companions required. Ask your local region’s Companion Registrar.

Volunteering FAQs

Whilst the majority of our volunteers act as Companions for our Campers, we also need other types of volunteers. For example:

  • Photographer & Videographer to capture the fun and joy of camp
  • Kitchen and catering volunteers to make sure everyone is fed. Food is an important part of camp
  • General helpers to make sure everything runs smoothly during camp 

There are limited places for these non-Companion volunteers, so get in touch and see what your region needs. 

In addition to volunteers at camp, we're always looking for fundraising volunteers. People to help out with sausage sizzles, pub quizzes, mall collections, organising stands and stalls at events so we can promote Camp Quality and a range of other activities. Get in touch with your local region to see what help they need.