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Camp FAQs

Camp FAQs

This section provides information about how our camps work.

There are five Camp Quality New Zealand regions and their Summer Camps are held every January. Camp locations change but currently they are being held in Queenstown, Governors Bay, Marton, Hamilton and Auckland. Many regions also hold shorter Winter Camps or similar winter activities for Campers.

Summer Camp is for a week. Winter Camps are for a weekend.

All children who attend camp are matched one-on-one with a trained Companion. This person will be your child’s buddy the whole time they are at camp. Care is taken in matching appropriate Companions to each child. And this matching process takes place well before camp to allow time for you and your child to get to know their Companion prior to camp. Medical needs are taken care of by the medical team.

Camps are provided at no cost. We are reliant on our fundraising efforts and donations from generous supporters. We also receive grant funding and support from generous local businesses. 

We have robust health, safety &wellbeing plans that covers all the activities that take place during camp. All of our volunteers go through an in-depth training process, and are police checked annually. 

This will depend on the individual circumstances of your child. However, children on intensive chemotherapy are generally not eligible to attend camp for their own safety. Children on maintenance chemotherapy, who are generally well, may be able to attend if they have permission from their Paediatric Oncologist. Please get in contact to discuss your child's specific circumstances. 

Our medical teams comprise a range of experienced and specialist care nurses. Your child’s oncologist or the local paediatrician will be consulted should the medical team have any concerns. 

Each camp will establish a pick-up point where buses will meet Campers and take them to camp. Sometimes this is combined with a family activity for the first day of camp. Some camps return campers by bus, whilst others have a family activity on the last day.

Once a Camper is registered and we get closer to camp, an information package will be sent out with all the details. 

We prefer that parents not volunteer on camp, nor visit their child at camp. One of the benefits of Camp Quality is that it allows parents to have a well-deserved break and spend time with other family and friends. Visits to camp are therefore discouraged, as they often trigger homesickness in the Campers. We are happy for parents to assist us by volunteering in other ways during the year. 

Please contact us and the Camper Registrar for your region will be in touch to talk through the specific details of the appropriate camp for your child, and what the next steps for registration are. 

The general age range for our programmes is 5-16 years. In some regions where we have large camps, we run separate junior and senior camps. Please contact us for more information. 

It costs on average approximately $4,000 each year to provide a child with camp. We fundraise 100% of this amount. 

Each year, approximately 300 children attend one of our camps across New Zealand.