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Wellington/Central Districts Region Update

26 April 2017


2. WCD Olmpics Group

  Summer Camp 2017 was a camp of Olympic proportions! Not only did the sun shine on us at Nga Tawa School in Marton (while the rest of the country had to dodge the rain), we were joined by two of New Zealand’s finest athletes!  

Olympic hockey player, Kayla Whitelock, and Paralympic swimmer, Mary Fisher, who broke a World Record with a GOLD in the Women’s 100m, joined us for our Olympic Sports day.  Kayla and Mary joined in the noodle hockey, signed an impressive array of objects, enjoyed a Q&A with the kids and presented medals to our champion campers!  

Mary loved the party atmosphere of camp. “As a kid I went to Blind Foundation camps where it was freeing to feel like having a vision impairment was normal, to just socialise with others who’d had similar experiences was a confidence boost.  Thanks for having me Camp Quality!  I hope you’ll let me come back again.” 

No camp is complete without an epic water fight, and as always the disco was a huge hit with everyone getting glammed up, sprinkled with colours and glitter and a perfect end to an amazing camp. 

We couldn’t run our camps without our incredible companions.  They give up their holidays to pair up with our campers 24/7 for the week, including sleeping in their dorm.  They have been carefully chosen for compatibility with their Camper, and they must attend a pre-camp training weekend. 

In February, 30 of our super dedicated companions went the extra mile (so to speak) and entered Round the Bays in Wellington raising nearly $2,000 for Camp Quality. Across town, at the same time, similarly energetic companions raised over $1,000 at the Karori Carnival! Heartfelt thanks to you all!

And to all our generous volunteers and supporters, thank you!  Without your support we would not be able to run our camps! 

Paul Shailer,

Regional Manager Wellington/Central Districts


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