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Auckland Northland

Skydive for Camp Quality 2020

24 November 2020


2020 11 Carl Skydive2
Are you a thrill seeker and want to help us out?  
GoSkydive New Zealand has partnered with Camp Quality to help us raise money for our upcoming Auckland Northland camps. 
Maybe it's always been on your bucket list, maybe you've done it once or a hundred times but want to do it again, maybe you're terrified and definitely don't want to jump but you'll do it anyway because it's for a great cause! 
Pick a fundraising target below and see how high you'll jump:  
$1000 = 13,000ft  
$900 = 9,000ft  
$800 = 7,500ft  

If you're up for the challenge and want to help make camp happen, sign up below to join in!  
Carl was our FIRST jumper. Thanks Carl and GoSkydive NZ for supporting us, and to all those who have donated!


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