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Michael's Story

24 June 2021


2021 06 23 Michaels Camper Story2

At just 5 years old, Michael was diagnosed with a brain tumour and rushed from the doctor's office straight into surgery at Starship.  After the surgery, Michael had to relearn how to walk and talk again before he could face the 107 weeks of chemotherapy awaiting him.  One of the things that made life a little brighter for Michael during his cancer journey was our Camp Quality camps. We make sure that fun and making great memories is at the top of the list when we plan our camps, and the first thing that pops into Michael's head when asked about Camp Quality is "FUN!" - what an awesome way to be remembered!  

Michael's mum, Kalaire, who was by his side throughout his journey says that the Camp Quality camps have been so amazing for Michael. "The camps have just helped him so much because everyone has been through the same thing, they just get it. He can be a kid with other kids for a week - and that's absolutely priceless to us."  

Michael was lucky enough to go on a few of our camps - and his brother and sister even went too and got to create some incredible memories of their own!  

Being able to support families like Michael's during some of the hardest times of their lives is something that we are honoured to be able to do - and will continue to do with your support


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