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Meet our new chairman: Ron Woolerton

4 September 2019


2019 09 Mugshots Ron 3

We’re thrilled to introduce our new Camp Quality board chairman, Ron Woolerton.  

A staple of the Camp Quality family, Ron has been involved with the organisation for over 25 years. He had his first taste of Camp Quality when a customer wandered into his photography store to print some photos of a fundraising event – that was enough to convince Ron to go along to the next event and help out. While the customer ended up backing out and Ron went alone, he loved his time with Camp Quality and there’s been no looking back since.  

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Ron’s volunteered as a companion, organised fundraising events, taken his turn as regional manager for Waikato/BOP, and even driven buses. He became a member of the board two years ago as an independent trustee after some time away from the regional committee level, and says it just felt right to step up to the chairman position. 

“I’m happy to take a turn as chairman and excited to put the time in,” says Ron. “We’re looking towards the future and making sure that Camp Quality is set up for another 30 years and still getting funding and volunteers.”  

Ron brings commercial experience to the board. He’s spent time as an e-commerce manager, run two businesses, set up companies in Chile, and has worked in China. Not only a resident of Chile, he also has a Chinese driving license! Combining that experience with his long held passion for Camp Quality and familiarity with the organisation means that Ron is ready for the job.  

“The board we’ve got right now has a fantastic range of skills, and bringing together all our skills is really critical,” explains Ron. “I think it’s going to be an exciting few years.”  

Outside of Camp Quality, Ron is a Scout Section Leader and loves spending time outdoors camping and tramping. He’s got five children and they spend plenty of time out and about in the caravan or on the boat.  

For Ron, kids remain at the heart of Camp Quality. “As an organisation, everything is for the kids,” Ron says. “Why do any of us do anything at Camp Quality? It’s for the kids.”  

Ron recalls a particularly memorable time as a camp companion during a winter camp in the Waikato. Upon taking the kids to Mt Ruapehu, Ron had the privilege of teaching a young girl – who’d lost her eyesight to cancer – how to ski. By the end of the day, Ron could ski backwards down the hill whilst the young girl followed his voice and skied down by herself.  

Moments like that are what make being involved with Camp Quality so worthwhile for Ron. “The courage of the kids is absolutely phenomenal,'' he says. “And watching children who have gone through cancer get the opportunity to be kids and have fun is so special”.  

Join us in welcoming Ron as our new chairman! We’re so excited to see what he achieves in his new position.


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