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Meet our brave and kind Millie from Wellington

20 August 2019


2019 08 20 Millie2

Millie was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in her stomach on 14th February 2013, making it a heartbreaking Valentine's Day for Millie’s mum and dad.  

Millie spent months in hospital and was finally well enough to come home on 19th April 2013, her birthday.  

Here's what Millie's mum Clare has to say about their journey and how Camp Quality has captured Millie's heart:  

“That whole year was very intense as she was undergoing treatments. But she’s such a strong girl, and the most amazing thing throughout all that time was the empathy she showed. I remember one day waking in the hospital room to discover Millie wasn’t there. As I went out to look for my almost four year old, I found her sitting next to a boy who was crying from pain as he was having tubes put in for his treatment. Millie was quietly sitting next to him, holding his hand and telling him to breathe - it was incredible.”  

"Millie absolutely loves the camps, they are the highlight of her whole year and if ever we’re making plans for summer she asks me to make sure they don’t conflict with camp."  

Millie is a very supportive and kind friend to many of the kids at Camp Quality, showing incredible empathy for others who are going through similar pain to what she experienced. We are lucky to have wonderful children like Millie on our camps 


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