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Introducing our new GM

10 June 2019



We’re extremely excited to introduce Camp Quality’s first ever General Manager, Dave Bellamy, who joined the team just last month.

“It’s been a mix of jumping in the deep end, baptism by fire… All of that!” laughs Dave about his first few weeks. “It’s a complex organisation and the role is growing exponentially as I settle into it more.”

Prior to joining Camp Quality, Dave spent over 25 years working in, and contracting to, the not-for-profit sector — both here and in his native UK. Throughout this time, Dave gained significant experience in funding, partnerships, technology, and more. From mental health to conservation, he’s worked with a diverse range of organisations, giving him a clear understanding of the challenges that not-for-profits face.

“Being General Manager enables me to have a much broader view of the organisation and to shape it far more than I ever could in my previous roles,” shares Dave. “Although my role to begin with will be around improving our fundraising structures and optimising processes, moving forward, I’m excited to collaborate with the board to set the direction of the organisation. I can absolutely see an opportunity for Camp Quality New Zealand to grow and compete on a wider scale – we just need to develop a shared vision of where we’re all going together.”

Having just become foster parent to his partner’s brother’s two kids, Dave shares that Camp Quality is the perfect fit for this stage of his life. “Seeing the opportunity to work for a children’s charity, there was immediately an emotive connection for me. Then when I met everyone, I could feel the passion come across.”

“Everyone is so passionate about what we do and are really on board. Every person I meet always has a great story to tell about camp and there’s a positive feeling throughout the whole organisation, which is just amazing.” 

We’re thrilled to have Dave on board and can’t wait to see what he can achieve with Camp Quality New Zealand – so join us in welcoming him to the team!


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