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Auckland Northland

Indie's Race for Camp Quality

19 October 2021


2021 10 18 Indie2

Running a marathon isn't something people undertake lightly - especially when you're only EIGHT years old and a cancer survivor!  

Indie Hopkins is one motivated little lady. She will be running the kids race in the ASB Auckland Marathon to raise funds and awareness for Camp Quality, after experiencing first-hand the epic amounts of fun we give kids affected by cancer and how it can be a silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud.  

Diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma at just FIVE years old, Indie is looking forward to her race and giving back to the organisation that gave her so much, "Camp Quality is trying to do good in the world and it's something that I really look forward to - it's always so much fun!"  

The 2.2km marathon is a first for Indie but she has been training hard and is looking forward to race day on 23 January and doing her best. And from a determined girl like Indie, we expect she'll give it everything she's got! 

Ka Pai, Indie! We're with you all the way.



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