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Getting our companions camp ready: Meet Amos

26 November 2019


Amos WS 4

There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes at Camp Quality – and one of the men doing that work is Amos, our Christchurch regional companion trainer. Amos is our go-to man for helping new and experienced companions alike be prepared for summer camp. Parents trusting their kids with us for a week is a big deal, so he works hard to ensure that our companions can keep campers safe, sorted, and smiling. 

Amos first joined the Camp Quality family over 10 years ago, when he became a companion at the age of 18 while he was at teachers training college. He quickly became a staple of the summer camps – and now he’s helping train the next generation of companions.  

As a trainer, Amos organises information evenings and conducts interviews to make sure that Camp Quality is getting the best companions on board. Once a team has been decided, all volunteers are brought together for an intensive training weekend before matches are made between companions and campers. Amos knows that parents entrusting their kids to Camp Quality for a week is a big deal, so works hard to ensure that companions are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate so kids have the best and safest time. 

“Giving back to my region, imparting my experience and knowledge on new companions to bring fun and happiness to camps is what makes being involved in Camp Quality so rewarding,” shares Amos.  

It’s a lot of work for Amos – not to mention a lot of time spent away from his own son – but it’s all worthwhile when he sees the smiles on kids' faces at camp.  

Thanks to Amos and all our trainers for being an essential part of making Camp Quality so great!



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