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“Exactly what I want to be part of” – Linda Sturgess on joining the Camp Quality board

31 May 2024


2024 05 31 Linda Sturgess headshot 2

When it comes to family, Linda will do just about anything to support and care for her loved ones.

Nineteen years ago, Linda’s niece Liberty was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of four. It was a heartbreaking time for the whole family. Linda remarks, “I remember so vividly all those years of her going through treatment. The thing that lit her up and always boosted her spirits was Camp Quality.”

Years after Liberty’s successful recovery, Linda says it was time to be a part of the wonderful organisation that made such a big difference all those years ago. 

“When I was thinking about what sort of charity I wanted to be a part of, Camp Quality was really my ideal one,” says Linda. “When it came up on the Institute of Directors website, I felt like it was meant to be.”

Getting the whole family involved

As is so often the case, Liberty’s battle with cancer impacted the entire family. Now, Linda says even her kids have become interested in supporting Camp Quality in any way they can – from fundraising walks to social media posts to getting out in their community and spreading the word.

“Our whole extended family has so much gratitude for the commitment of the volunteers that give their time to Camp Quality. This organisation does so well with supporting their volunteers, and fostering ongoing connections with so many people. It is a huge part of what makes CQ so special.”

Bringing financial expertise to the board

As Head of Private Capital for BNZ, Linda is no stranger to supporting big operations and offering strategic financial advice. She’s been a key leader in this space since 1986, and she is a proud chartered member of the Institute of Directors.

Any charitable organisation knows that having knowledge and support on the board is crucial to a healthy operation. Camp Quality is thrilled to have Linda’s skillset around investments, finance, audit risk, and accounts. Her expertise will certainly help Camp Quality with decision-making and planning in the future.

Looking ahead, Linda says that she is excited to help the board focus on financial stability and security. “My focus is to help Camp Quality be resilient, so that we can keep providing excellent camps for children well into the future.”



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