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Chairman's Farewell Message

10 June 2019


Welcome to my final ever Chairman’s message, as I step down as Chairman of Camp Quality after four years in the role and eleven years on the board.
The last decade on the board of Camp Quality has been absolutely fantastic. I first heard about Camp Quality through Lions, and always thought it was a great organisation. When Camp Quality didn’t have a trustee for the Southern region, I said I’d get involved for up to three years – but here I still am eleven years later!
Throughout the years, there have been many highlights – one of the biggest was getting our logo updated and our new website up and running. It’s not only made it easier for campers and companions to register online, it’s also given us better brand awareness. I’m also proud to have increased the frequency of Camp Chat, as it’s enabled us to communicate more regularly with our community.
Other highlights include reviewing the constitution, the creation of our value-added programme (which gives better recognition and reward to those who donate to Camp Quality), the establishment of our audit & risk committee, and the creation of our health & safety manual.
As I look out at the ducks on the lake, I feel extremely grateful to everyone who’s been involved in the organisation over my time on the board.
Four years ago, I was part of the restructure of the board which reduced the number of trustees and gave regional managers a voice into the board. That’s had a huge impact, improving internal communication immensely. Now, I’m pleased to say that Camp Quality has a board of diverse ages, talents, and backgrounds.
Replacing me as Chairman is Ron Woolerton, who will do a fantastic job. I’m also pleased to have been part of appointing our first GM, Dave Bellamy, who I’m sure will drive the organisation to even bigger and better things.
None of my work would have been possible without a proactive board and proactive regional managers, so thank you to everyone who’s been part of Camp Quality. It’s not about the chairman, it’s about the whole organisation – the board members, the regional managers, the companions, the nurses, the volunteers, the families, and of course, the children. 
Camp Quality is all about children. There’s nothing like seeing the smiles on the faces of companions, campers, and volunteers at camp – you go along and everyone’s having a great time. From here, I’d love to see Camp Quality continue to grow and get even better brand recognition so it becomes easier to get funds and bring joy to children’s lives.
Kind regards,
Wayne Collie


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