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Auckland volunteer Telisha Krishna goes the extra mile: Five big runs in the name of Camp Quality

4 June 2024


2024 06 04 KT Quality Runners

Telisha has been a dedicated volunteer with Camp Quality Auckland for over ten years. After becoming a parent herself just a couple years ago, her commitment to the mission of CQ only became stronger. In an effort to show support and raise funds, Telisha went on to run five half-marathons.

Her story has gathered media attention from Now to Love, which has helped amplify Camp Quality’s voice even wider.

Born and based in Auckland, Telisha is a dedicated police officer, a mum, and a passionate community member. Her husband, Kaveendra, is a specialist lung cancer nurse, and has also shown tremendous support for Camp Quality as a volunteer, and he’s completed runs alongside Telisha.

In fact, the running mission has become contagious. Telisha has inspired other friends to run with her across Devonport, Omaha, Coatesville and Maraetai. The group started off with 11 people and grew to 28 by the last run! They have all helped build awareness and funding for Camp Quality.

The goal between the team was to raise $30,000 for Camp Quality as part of this campaign. They raised just over $15,000 and their story continues to bring hope and commitment to the cause to others.

We are incredibly grateful and honoured to have volunteers like Telisha take on projects like this to help us spread the word about Camp Quality and bring in much-needed funding. This kind of focus, strength, and care all for the campers is what our organisation is all about. 


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