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2017 Central Plateau Scooter Challenge

29 March 2017


CPSC Terena CQ supporters at start2

From most areas of New Zealand, 54 hardy folk, on city scooters, braved the traffic of S.H.1 and the unpredictable weather of the wild Central Plateau, to ride 270km from Wanganui to Taupo. 

Why on earth would they put themselves and their wee machines through such a long gruelling ride? It was to participate in the Central Plateau Scooter Challenge, raising funds for the children and families of Camp Quality. 

For some, this was the 4th time they had ridden the Challenge, for others the 1st. The young, the old and the in-betweens, some in costumes, some with "dressed" scooters also, a colourful sight as they gathered together in Wanganui. 

They left at dawn and rode - for 10 long hours - contending with open highway conditions and traffic, wind and rain, finally breasting the Rangipo Summit, then onwards to the welcome sight of the Great Lake. 

After a well earned shower and change of clothes, they re-gathered at the Taupo Cosmopolitan Club for the thank you speeches and the 'On the Day" Prize Giving, followed by some sustenance. 

Although tired, the mood was one of achievement and satisfaction. Pride in making the 270km journey and that deep pleasure felt from helping others. This was enhanced by the support of Camp Quality volunteers at Wanganui, Bulls and Taupo. 

The organiser of the Central Plateau Scooter Challenge, Terena Currey, sincerely thanks all the Sponsors, Challenge helpers, scooter riders and their support folk for their enthusiasm and stamina. Also for their fantastic fund-raising effort, which, at this point in time, is just over $17000, with more pledges still to be received. 

Camp Quality would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Terena who worked tirelessly to make the Challenge a reality. It's a truly amazing fundraising effort and will make a huge difference to the lives of the campers and families we support. 

Well done everyone!


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